No more Sunday School! 

Coming this fall is a totally new concept in children and teen educational ministry.  The Orange Curriculum incorporates social media platforms and multi-media approaches to earning about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  This curriculum supports CLC’s #1 goal for 2019 by creating “children’s ministry that kids do not want to leave.”  This combines with the Orange Curriculum’s goal of “a children’s ministry curriculum created to make a difference in the next generation that’s going to last a lifetime.”  Our focus will be to engage kids and partner with parents, so that our youth have a church experience that will make them want to return again and again!

The Orange Curriculum incorporates child development and sound Biblical teaching that covers every phase of a child’s life.

We want our children to make wise choices and develop strong relationships that help them deepen their faith.  Our CLC Kids Team scoured the available curricula and concluded that the Orange Curriculum stands out from the others and has been just what we have been looking for in making the next step in our CLC transformation.

In addition, we are emphasizing care of our planet in special activities that partner with the Carnegie Museum.

We will busy for the rest of the summer recruiting and training teachers, developing activities, and putting together a CCL Kids program like no other!

Our CLC Kids In Action!