Pastor Erin Evans

Pastor Erin grew up just outside of Hershey PA and graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg VA with a B.A. in Religion.  She was a “pipeliner” right into a Master’s of Divinity program at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg PA.  Upon graduation she was assigned to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod, ordained at Synod Assembly at Thiel College, and has been falling in love with Pittsburgh ever since.   She has been the called pastor of two churches, and the interim pastor of several others.  She has walked with congregations through all manner of joys and sorrows.   
 Pastor Erin loves worship, liturgy, music, and challenging ordinary interpretations and assumptions about Jesus and the Church.   She also loves hiking, camping, napping, spending time with friends and family, and a good craft beer.
Pastor Erin is married to Pastor Brian Evans, who is the senior pastor of First Lutheran in downtown Pittsburgh.  Their daughter Vivian Mae was born in 2016.  Since then, they have had precious little time for hobbies or interesting things about themselves.  Thankfully, Vivian is the most interesting of the three of them, and has a lot of hobbies, opinions, and interests.   Notably, the three of them completed a two week tent camping trip around Nova Scotia, and everyone survived.   They live in Wilkinsburg, and always have a home-improvement project (or five) that they work on together.
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