Kevin Solecki Returns to CLC for Fat Tuesday!

Grammy-nominated accordionist, Kevin Solecki, returns February 25 from 4-7 for our Shrove/Fat Tuesday dinner.  Come and enjoy the newly renovated Gathering Place with plenty of room for eating AND dancing.  Kevin provided an entertaining evening for us last year and we’ll put him on the new stage front and center.

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, arose as a way to use up a household’s eggs, butter, and fat prior to the season of fasting during Lent.

Our menu includes potato pancakes, sausage, applesauce, dessert, and drinks. 

No cost for children two and under; for ages 3-15 the costs is $5.00; and adults are $8.00.

Pierogies will be on sale from our CLC Youth (take out or eat in)!